4 Important Elements of Planning Your Landscape Design

Published on: July 18, 2018

There is more to landscape design than just planting beautiful flowers and installing a patio. When you see an outdoor space that is designed with the right elements, it flows and seems balanced. It should be comfortable and meet the needs of the space. If you are planning a landscape design, consider these four elements:


You want to bring different textures into your design. This can be accomplished with stone or flat surfaces paired with rough barks, soft petals and velvety leaves.

Linear Movement

Lines or linear movement draw the attention of the eye to a focus point. You want to use lines within your design to direct how people view your space. Lines can also direct actual movement, as is the case with pathways. Edges and lines are all important to consider when you planning your landscape design.


Of course, color is important in your landscape design. You don’t want a bland color scheme, but you also don’t want to overwhelm the senses either. Seasons are also important to consider. You want to plan for when different plants will bloom to have color throughout the year.


Landscaping should be designed with scale in mind. That includes the structure it surrounds and other large elements such as outbuildings, patios, trees and decorative elements. A giant fountain may seem out of place by a small cottage.

Landscape design is not as easy as in may seem. Getting all the elements to blend and complement each other while keeping in mind the soil, sun and seasons can be difficult. To get a landscape design that is beautiful and functional, consider hiring a professional landscape designer for the best results.

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