Three Common Landscaping Mistakes

Published on: March 3, 2014

Landscaping Mistake #1 – The Wrong Place

A common landscape design mistake is when people improperly place their plants.

When placing your plants, be sure to consider proper sunlight and exposure. Also, take note and carefully following the instructions on the “care tag” that comes with your plants.

Knowing the “eventual growth” of a plant is very important. Always determine how a plant will:

  • Spread
  • Reproduce

In addition, it’s good to know, in advance, the amount and type of maintenance required.

Lastly, when deciding where to plant trees, take into account how large they’ll grow and whether the roots will eventually cause problems with driveways, walkways, and other landscaping elements.

Landscaping Mistake #2 – The Wrong Plants

Many people pick the wrong type of plant for their yards. While many plants are pretty, not all are well-suited for your yard.

When choosing which plant to purchase for your landscape, pay special attention to plants that are compatible with your specific yard or property. Also, decide whether your property contains adequate shade or filtered light.

Landscaping Mistake #3 -The Wrong Pruning Process

Pruning requires a specific technique. When done incorrectly, pruning can actually harm your plants. And, there are cases where it’s much better you do no pruning, instead of incorrectly pruning your plants.

It’s important to know that every single plant requires a unique process of pruning. Often, the fall season is ideal for pruning; however, it’s always best to make certain.

Contact a professional landscaping company for expert advice, help with choosing and placing your plants, and proper pruning. Going with professional help is an excellent way to avoid many landscaping mistakes, including those listed above.

Posted on behalf of Joe Archer, Mobile Joe’s Landscaping


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