Take Your Backyard from Drab to Fab with New Landscape Design

Published on: July 29, 2018

Have you had the same old flower beds and bushes around your backyard for years? While they may be beautiful, it doesn’t necessarily impress your guests. If you are ready to give your backyard a new look, it may be time to hire a landscape designer. Working together, you can find the right combination of elements to take your backyard from drab to fab this summer.

Lend Some Light

Whether you want to add outdoor lighting with bulbs or prefer the glow of a fire, light can brighten your landscape design. Punctuating your beautiful areas with outdoor spotlights can make your backyard gorgeous for evening entertaining. Or, add a fire pit or fireplace and watch the flames shoot dancing lights throughout your yard.

Whisk in Some Water

Water features add sound and movement to your landscape design. Whether a small fountain is your style or a large waterfall fits your personality, consider adding one of the many water options to your design. Not only does it sparkle and sound refreshing, it attracts butterflies and other creatures to your yard for wildlife entertainment.

Pop in Some Color

If your landscaping is devoid of color beyond green and a few pastels, bring in the big guns of color. Opt for bright reds and blues, yellows and tangerine. Your landscape designer can help you find the best plants to add color that will grow well where you live.

The same old landscaping can be boring after a few years. Talk to your local landscaper about designing a new look for your backyard to give it a whole new look this year. Your backyard can go from drab to fab in no time with a little professional help.

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