Save Time and Money With a Lawn Maintenance Package

Published on: December 5, 2014

Keeping a lawn beautiful throughout the year can be a chore. It’s not just during the summer that a lawn needs maintenance. In many regions, lawn care is a year-round adventure. While you can take care of your lawn on your own, it can consume more of your free time than you prefer. A good option for busy homeowners is often to find a quality landscaping company which offers year round maintenance packages that save you time and money.

How Lawn Maintenance Packages Work

The idea behind a year-round lawn maintenance package is to keep your lawn maintained throughout the year at an affordable price. Since lawn needs change with the season, these packages usually offer reduced service during the winter months and more visits during the summer. Landscaping companies offer a reduced rate for their year round customers, as it gives them guaranteed income during the slower months. It’s a win-win proposition, both for the customers and the landscape company.

These packages can include lawn mowing and trimming, plus many other landscaping options. Since each customer may have different needs for maintenance, many companies will have custom packages to include shrub pruning and other landscaping tasks. The benefit is that you have a standard monthly payment which includes all these chores for the entire year.

Take back your weekends while enjoying a beautiful yard all year round with a lawn maintenance package. You will save money compared to only using a landscaping company during the busy summer months, plus reduce the money you need to spend on lawn maintenance equipment. For many busy families, it is a wise investment in their property.

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