The Untapped Benefits of Your Lawn Clippings

Published on: June 7, 2013

Most people consider lawn clippings to be yard waste – unattractive and undesirable.

Lawn clippings are often bagged for fear of:

  • A messy appearance
  • Clippings being tracked into the home
  • The development of a layer of damaging thatch
  • Turf disease

Your Nutrient-Rich Lawn Clippings

The truth is that lawn clippings are quite helpful during the process of growing your turf. In fact, lawn care and maintenance specialists say that lawn clippings actually decompose into a natural fertilizer that also adds nitrogen to the soil beneath it. By disposing of clippings, you remove valuable, organic matter, and nutrients from their natural nutrient-cycling process.

Nevertheless, if you are concerned about how unkempt or messy your lawn will look due to clippings, then you might consider raking your clippings instead of disposing of them. Another consideration is to buy a mulching mower. It finely shreds your grass clippings so that they can be left on your lawn. Many people find mulching mowers a fast and easy way to eliminate dumping grass clippings into a compost pile or yard waste container. However, if you decide to place your lawn clippings into a compost pile, you’ll have a readily available mixture that’s rich in nutrients and an excellent fertilizer.

You can also mulch your lawn clippings and use them to cover the ground of your landscape bed. By making good use of your lawn clippings, you save them from taking up space in the ever-expanding landfills.

It’s always a wise choice to contact a lawn care and maintenance expert to help you decide what to do with your lawn clippings.

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