Is Hiring a Lawn Care Service Worth the Money?

Published on: November 27, 2017

If you are careful with the money you spend on home maintenance, doing many projects yourself, you probably care for your lawn on your own. You spend your weekends edging and mowing, weeding and pruning, to keep your yard looking tidy. While there is nothing wrong with being frugal and saving money, your time is also valuable. A lawn care service could free up that time you spend in your yard and offer other benefits. You should ask yourself whether it may be worth the investment to hire a landscaper to care for your lawn.

Cost Versus Value

If you love spending time in your yard, then you should continue doing your own lawn care. However, if it is a chore that takes you away from other activities you would rather be enjoying, maybe it is time to look at the cost versus value of hiring a professional lawn service. Doing your own lawn care is not free; it still requires equipment, fuel and lawn care products, as well as your time.

When you add up what you spend on owning and maintaining mowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers and other equipment, it can come to more money than you realize. Plus, weed control, fertilizer, mulch and gas for trips to the nearest garden center all add up too. Hiring a lawn service can neutralize these costs. While it may cost more overall, the difference is a small price to pay for the value of having a beautifully kempt lawn and free time to enjoy other activities.

Take the time to contact your local landscaper to ask about the cost of lawn service. They often have different packages that can fit your budget.

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