Retention Pond Maintenance

Published on: December 29, 2013

Storm water retention ponds are found throughout the United States and are critical to preventing flooding and erosion as well as improving the quality of the water.  These ponds are designed to collect water from the storm water system that he pond is supporting.  Once collected, the water is slowly discharged into either a larger storm water management system or into natural streams.

The collection and slow discharge of storm water in retention ponds are responsible for the improvement of water quality in all natural waterways.  Although retention ponds may seem like just another lake, they are very sophisticated in their design including the volume of the pond, as well as the intake and discharge structures.  In addition, these ponds require periodic maintenance by an experienced, qualified and licensed contractor in order to perform as they were designed.

The type of maintenance required depends of the type of retention ponds.  In some cases retention ponds are “dry”, where the pond is designed to completely drain after a rain event.  In other cases the pond is “wet”, where the pond is designed to hold water at all times.  In both “dry” and “wet” ponds, the maintenance is focused on the intake structure or pipes that allow water to flow into the pond, as well as the outlet structure, which allows the release of the water.

Retention pond maintenance items include keeping the intake pipes and structures free dirt and debris, as well as making sure any stone “rip rap” is in place.  On dry ponds there is often a concrete “trickle trench” that small amounts of water flows across.  Occaisionally the trench will require cleaning or replacement.  A properly maintained retention pond is cost effective and is critical to protecting the environment and the water quality in our rivers and streams!

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