Caring for a Private Retention Pond

Published on: December 5, 2014

To protect the environment and nearby properties, many private property owners are required to build a retention pond on their land. These ponds allow a safe place for water runoff to pool, reducing erosion and other problems during the wet season. However, these ponds do require maintenance to keep them clean and up to local codes. Unfortunately, that maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.

Maintaining a Retention Pond

Retention ponds, also called detention ponds, must be kept free of debris that can clog the pond. They also must be inspected to ensure they are up to the local codes required for water runoff. Since these codes are different in every area, it is important to understand what’s required for in a particular municipality.

For many private property owners with a retention pond, maintaining their own pond can be more work than they anticipated. If the pond overflows, it can cause damage to both their property and other neighboring properties. It’s worth the investment to find a qualified landscaping company with expertise in maintaining retention ponds. The company should offer:

  • Cleaning of various debris from the pond
  • Inspection of the water runoff system to ensure it’s up to code
  • Repair and replacement options for retention pond problems

Most retention ponds will need annual maintenance. It is important before each wet season to have retention ponds inspected and cleaned, ensuring the system is ready to handle the heavy water load. Hiring a retention pond maintenance expert can give property owners peace of mind, knowing that their pond is up to code and ready for whatever Mother Nature has in mind.

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