Care and Maintenance for Koi Ponds

Published on: July 25, 2015

A Koi pond is a treasure and there is nothing more tranquil and relaxing than watching these striking fish as they casually swim through calm waters.  To keep the water clear and the fish healthy it is important to properly care for the fish and the pond itself.  Koi are hardy fish, but they do need good quality and well-oxygenated water. 

Maintaining a Koi Pond

The pond should be equipped with a quality filtration system, a powerful pump, a protein skimmer, a water heating system and an ultraviolet sterilizer.  Filters should be cleaned on a regular basis and equipment inspected routinely so problems are detected before water quality issues arise and cause health issues to the Koi.

It is important to make sure that leaves or other debris do not accumulate in the pond. Debris should be removed with a skimmer type net before it has time to break down and deposit excessive nutrients into the water.

Algae growth in ponds is not only unsightly, but can also deprive the fish of much needed oxygen.  The first step should be to remove the algae with a skimmer or other manual method.  If that does not keep the algae in check it may be necessary to use an algaecide to control its growth.  Carefully follow the directions for use to control the algae and keep the fish healthy.

It’s also important to make sure any plants in the pond are healthy – sick or dying plants should immediately be removed and replaced with healthy specimens.

To start your Koi pond off right, hire a professional landscape designer to install your new pond that can ensure you have all the elements in place from the very beginning.

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