Can You Save Money Installing Your Own Koi Pond?

Published on: January 21, 2019

A beautiful koi pond can be an interesting water feature to add to your landscape design. The colorful fish can be relaxing to watch, while the pond brings a natural atmosphere to your yard. There are kits you can buy to build your own koi pond, which can save you money compared to a professional installation by a landscaper. However, there can be hidden costs to doing this project yourself.

Why DIY Koi Ponds Can be Expensive

When considering tackling a DIY koi pond, you need to look at the possible problems that can occur. Yes, the initial cost is less than hiring a professional, but there are issues that commonly transpire for DIY ponds. Here are a few problems that can happen and end up costing you more money in the long run than professional installation.

  • Leaks. If a pond liner is not installed correctly, leaks can occur. Not only can this waste water, it can cause erosion and problems with your existing landscaping and take time and money to repair.
  • Too small. Ponds that are too small or not deep enough can be difficult to keep healthy for fish and plant life. Often DIY pond builders stop digging too soon, creating a pond too shallow for a healthy water-life environment.
  • Poor position. Ponds need to put in an area that is high enough not to become a drainage area. Run off can add chemicals and contaminates to the water which can impact the health of the fish.

What often happens with DIY koi ponds is they need to be repaired, redone or removed altogether. It is worth spending a little extra for professional koi pond installation to ensure it is done correctly the first time to avoid more expense and inconvenience down the road.

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