Reimagining Retaining Walls

Published on: October 8, 2017

You see basic retaining walls everywhere, from standard modular block walls to bricks or landscaping timbers. While these walls are functional and can improve the beauty of the property, they can lack imagination. Retaining walls are great for creating a tiered slope for gardening or to outline your property or driveway – they also can protect your property from harmful erosion. However, they can also be works of art when you use a little creativity in design.

Design Ideas for Retaining Walls

If you have been planning to add a new retaining wall or replacing an old one, consider the options available. While uniform modular blocks or bricks work fine, why not explore some creative options? Here are some ideas to make your retaining wall spectacular – a functional, yet attractive, addition to your property.

  • Add some curves. Curves can make a big difference in the aesthetic appeal of your new wall. Skip the straight lines and work with your contractor to find curvy options to soften the look of your new wall.
  • Natural stone creations. Most retaining walls are very uniform; break the mold and get creative with natural stones. Adding fieldstones intermixed with river rock and other natural stone can create an intriguing design. Stay away from the uniformity for a natural wall look.
  • Use different colored bricks, stones or blocks to create patterns in your wall. Add geometric designs or unique patterns to give your retaining wall an arty appeal.

Talk to your hardscape specialist about ideas for your new retaining wall. There is no reason to settle for a boring, standard wall when there are so many options to make it imaginative.

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