Do you Need a Retaining Wall?

Published on: December 4, 2018

Retaining walls can a beautiful way to enhance the landscaping of your home. They can be used for many decorative purposes, from building a raised flower bed or garden, to edging your driveway or yard. However, not all retaining walls are for aesthetics; they can have a function and need to protect your home and property. Here are some of the functional uses for a retaining wall and how to determine if you may need one.

Slope Erosion

One of the most common reasons for adding a retaining wall for functional reasons is to stop slope or hill erosion. Wet weather and other factors can cause soil to erode on slopes, creating a slide of top soil down the slope. This can ruin landscaping and cause damage to your home and property. A retaining wall can give sloped areas the support that it needs to stop erosion and prevent a mud slide on your property.

Use of Hilled Area

Another reason to add a retaining wall for functional purposes on a hill is to create useable areas. Slopes and hills can be difficult to plant or use; retaining walls can create flat tiers out of a hill for planting or entertaining areas. This can help make the most of your property and add value to your home by enhancing your outdoor space.

If you have erosion occurring due to a steep slope or hill, adding a retaining wall can protect your investment in your property. It can also add beauty and function for your landscaping projects. Talk to your local landscaper about how adding a retaining wall can benefit your property.

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