Add Dimension With A Stone Retaining Wall

Published on: October 25, 2012

Although many retaining walls are built for function, they can also be a beautiful addition to any homes landscaping. Functionally, these walls are usually devised to prevent erosion and help with water drainage, but with the use of beautiful stone and design, they can add an almost regal look to the landscaping of a home.

You should hire a landcaping professional to design and install any type of retaining wall other than a simple,  short stacked stone, timber, or similar retaining wall.  Any retaining wall higher than two or three feet can be very dangerous unless it is properly designed and installed by a professional.

Most retaining walls will be built with function first and aesthetics second. Generally, these walls are going to use to reinforce soil structure that would otherwise erode and start to slope. This is often surrounding the foundation of a home, either to prevent soil from moving away from the home on a downward slope, or to hold back pressure from ground shifting downhill towards the home’s foundation. It can also be a way to secure higher ground from sliding down into a yard or driveway, or to terrace a sloping yard.

Although retaining walls can be built with treated wood, there is limited room for curved designs and the wood may deteriorate over time. Using stone or brick for the walls will allow more freedom to design curved walls if needed to work with the lay of the land. Not only are they adaptable and beautiful; they lend more support to the soil structure than wood. Brick can give a more regal or formal look while natural stonewalls look rustic and are reminiscent of cottages and country homes.

Retaining walls can encase a home or property while giving it timeless look.  Even though they have a purpose, they can also add a depth and dimension to a home that will last for decades.

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