Creating a Stunning Raised Garden

Published on: February 12, 2019

Retaining walls have many functional uses, from preventing erosion to creating tiered, useable areas on slopes. However, not all retaining walls are for purely function. One beautiful way to use a retaining wall is to build a raised garden. Not only do you have an area to plant, the retaining walls can be a gorgeous focal point, even when planting season is over.

Benefits of a Raised Garden

There are good reasons to build a garden above ground. While ground gardens are better for large vegetables, when you just want a smaller herb or flower garden, above ground has its advantages. Some of the benefits of a raised garden include:

  • Better view. If you are building a flower garden, raised is easier to see and enjoy for improved curb appeal for your home.
  • Reduce insects. Keeping your garden above ground can help minimize insects and pests that want to use your garden for food. This is a good place for keeping slugs and snails at bay.
  • Less problems. Raised garden have their benefits. They have less erosion, root problems, good drainage, easier weed control and no tilling needed. You can save time and money on maintaining your garden.

Raised gardens, especially those built from natural stone, can be a stunning focal, functional hardscape for your yard, Plus, they can be easier to maintain than in-ground gardens. However, you do need some expertise to build stone retaining walls.

If you want a gorgeous, raised garden, talk to your local landscaper that builds retaining walls from natural stone. They can create a stone raised garden that is functional and add a beautiful focal piece for your yard.

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