Protect Your Landscaping with Spring Mulching

Published on: May 1, 2015

Before the hot summer weather is here, it is time to get your yard ready with new mulch for your landscaping. Mulch helps protect your soil by retaining moisture, reducing erosion, preventing weed growth and insulating your plant’s roots. There are several types of mulches to choose from, depending on your landscaping needs.

Bark Mulches

One of the most common mulches for general landscaping is bark mulch. Bark mulch comes in many varieties, including hardwood, cedar and colored mulches for aesthetic appeal. Bark mulch works great for level areas, especially around trees and in planting areas to reduce weed growth.

Pine Needles or Straw

Pine needles or pine straw are a great mulch for insulated ground cover. Pine straw mulch is preferred for use on slopes and hills as it holds to the ground easier, resisting wind and water erosion. Pine straw tends to intertwine and create an insulated barrier that stays in place, making it easy to maintain.

Gravel or Decorative Rock

Gravel or decorative rock can be used as a type of mulch in the sense that it protects the ground and prevents weed growth. It is often used around drought-resistant plants and is easy to maintain. Rock offers a clean, manicured option that many people prefer.

Mid to late spring is the best time to add more mulch to your landscaping, preferably before the moisture levels decrease with the higher temperatures. Freshly applied mulch can protect your soil while making your yard look fresh and neat.

To make mulching easier, call your local landscape company. Many offer mulch spreading services or mulch delivery, making it quick and easy to get your mulch applied before summer arrives.

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