Will Watering Dead Grass Bring It Back to Life?

Published on: October 10, 2021
A woman with water hose watering dormant yellow grass.

Do you have yellow or brown grass in your yard? If your lawn has dead grass, you may wonder how to restore its green appearance. Will watering dead grass bring it back to life? First you need to decide whether your grass is dead or dormant to determine the best treatment. Here is what you need to know about how to revive dead grass or dormant grass to improve the appearance of your lawn.

Is Your Grass Dead or Dormant?

You may think you have dead grass, but it actually may only be dormant. This is a common misconception about grass. When you see brown or yellow grass, you may assume it is dead when it is very much alive. The blades of grass are only what you see – the roots determine whether it is alive or dead. Grass will turn yellow and brown during cooler seasons, droughts and hot weather to preserve itself. It is still alive, but dormant and conserving its root system by not growing blades.

Dead grass may look like dormant grass, but the difference is below the surface. Dead grass goes down to the roots – if the roots are dead, not dormant, the grass cannot be revived. Will watering dead grass bring it back? Technically, dead grass cannot be revived; but often, “dead” grass is only dormant. Here is how to find out if your grass is dead or dormant:

  • Water it. Will watering dead grass bring it back to life? No, but it will often bring back dormant grass. Grass that has experienced heat or drought will come back quickly when watered regularly.
  • Tug test. If the grass roots are still alive, they are still entwined in the soil. A tug on a few blades of brown or yellow grass can tell you if its alive or dead. Dormant grass will still resist pulling, while dead grass will easily be pulled out by the roots.
  • Spots or Widespread? Dormant grass typically will go brown or yellow uniformly across the lawn. Spots of brown grass can indicate dead grass caused by damage to the soil or grass in that area. An entire brown lawn is likely dormant, not dead.

If your lawn is dormant, not dead, you have options. How to revive dead grass that is actually dormant is different than reviving a lawn with dead grass.

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How to Revive “Dead” Grass Fast

If your grass is only dormant, you can bring it back to life fast by giving it the nutrients it needs. The first step is watering. Grass that looks dead often is dehydrated. The blades will become wilted, yellow and brown to conserve water for the roots. A deep watering that penetrates 6-8 inches into the soil once or twice a week is how to revive “dead” grass fast. In just a few days to a week, you may begin to see your lawn turn green again as the grass comes out of dormancy with watering.

There are other nutrient deficiencies that can cause yellow or brown grass. Thick thatch or depleted soil can result in poor grass health by not feeding it the water, minerals and air it needs. If ignored, your grass may go beyond dormancy and die. Core aeration to loosen soil and remove thatch followed by fertilization and watering can revive unhealthy or dormant grass and prevent your lawn from dying.

How to Revive a Dead Lawn

Once grass is dead, you cannot revive the existing grass. Only dormant grass can be revived. If you have tried watering, aeration and fertilizing, but most of your grass is not coming back, it is dead and needs to be replaced. To revive your lawn, you will need to add new grass through seeding or sod installation.

Planting new grass seed is the most cost-effective option for reviving dead grass, but it takes months, even years, to achieve a thick lawn. You will need to till the soil, fertilize, seed, water and nurture the seeds to obtain a healthy lawn again. Want to know how to revive dead grass fast? Replace it with new sod. Your landscaper can install new sod to replace your dead grass and you will immediately have a green lawn again. While more expensive, it is the faster way to revive your lawn and replace dead grass.
A person holding a glass of water over a lawn with dead grass.
Will watering dead grass bring it back to life? No, but it is how to revive dead grass that is only dormant. If you want to revive your brown lawn, trying watering it regularly to bring it back to life. If you need to revive or replace dead grass, talk to your local landscapers. You may need core aeration, fertilization, reseeding or sod installation to restore a healthy lawn again.

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