Popular Sod Types

Published on: August 1, 2013

Residential and commercial property owners have many options available when it comes to sod, however the best sod available is based upon Fescue, Bermuda or Zoysia grass.  While all are popular, the best one to use depends upon soil conditions, the presence of shade and the ability of the property owner to provide regular maintenance. An experienced landscaper will be able to provide a recommendation of the best sod to use and handle the sod installation as well.

Fescue is a good choice for property owners that want green grass year around.  However, in order to keep it green and weed free, year around maintenance is required.  Fescue is tolerant of the heat, provided that it is kept watered and the soil allows excess water to drain.

Bermuda sod performs well in the heat, as well as in full sunlight, but is not suitable for applications in shaded areas. One of the advantages of Bermuda grass, which is a dense grass, is that it does well in clay soil as well as high traffic areas.  A disadvantage of Bermuda sod is that it is high maintenance and requires watering to keep it looking good.

Zoysia sod does well in locations ranging from full sun to partial shade.  It also has a beautiful deep green color and handles the heat well.  While it requires maintenance to keep it looking ideal, the grass is slow growing, which reduces the amount of times it needs to be cut.

All three of these sods make excellent lawns in both residential and commercial applications.  A qualified landscaper will be able to make a specific recommendation as to the best sod to use on a specific property based upon the individual requirements of the property owner, as well as the specific details of the property.

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