Add New Sod This Fall

Published on: December 3, 2015

Is your lawn in need of repair? If you have yellow or brown grass or bare spots after the long summer, maybe time to replace your lawn with new sod. Fall is the time to install sod, giving it plenty of time to establish strong roots before spring. If you have been wanting a lush, green lawn, consider adding new sod this fall.

Choosing new sod

When choosing new sod, it is important to consider maintenance, climate and durability. Each type of sod has different characteristic that are better suited for each of these factors. Some of the most popular types of sod include:

  • Zoysia.  For a green, lush lawn, Zoysia sod is an excellent choice. Many homeowners prefer this sod for its low maintenance benefits.
  • Bermuda. Bermuda sod works well in hot, dry regions.   This grass requires low maintenance in terms of mowing and watering during the summer.
  • Fescue.  For a green lawn all year round, fescue is a popular choice of sod. However, the grass requires year-round maintenance as well.

To determine which sod is best for your lawn, take into consideration shade, maintenance routine, local weather and lawn traffic. You want to find the grass that will meet your family’s needs while looking beautiful and feeling great on your toes.

It is important to install your sod in early to mid-fall before the winter cold hits. This will give it time to establish a strong root system before the coldest days of winter arrive.

Before choosing your sod, talk to your local landscaping company. A professional landscaper can help you choose the perfect sod for your home and install it correctly this fall. By next spring, you will have the green lawn you always wanted.

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