Can You Lay Sod in the Summer?

Published on: September 22, 2016

Sod is a wonderful way to get a beautiful, lush lawn quickly. If you have been dreaming of a luscious yard of green grass, you can still get that lawn this summer. While it is often better to lay sod in the spring or fall when weather is mild, you can lay sod during the summer if you choose the right type and care for it properly. Here are some tips if you are planning to have sod planted in your yard this summer.

  • The sooner, the better. In most regions of the country, July and August are the hottest months of the summer. The warmer it is, the harder it will be to nurture your new sod. While temperatures may be warm in June, it is still preferable over the hotter months to follow.
  • Choose your type wisely. The type of sod you choose is important to get the results you want. Two popular options are Zoysia and Bermuda varieties that offer a durable lawn that is also beautiful.
  • Prepare your yard for the sod. Make sure you choose a landscaping company that will take the time to prepare your yard for the sod. The prep work that is done before the sod is installed is as important as the aftercare.
  • Water, water, water. Laying sod in the warmer months means you will need to heavily water your new grass for it to take hold. In most cases, this will be twice a day for the first week.

To make sure your sod has the best chance to survive the hot weather, use an experienced landscaper that specializes in sod installation. Summer sod laying can be temperamental, so you want an expert that can do the job right the first time.

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