Plants That Keep Those Mosquitoes Away

Published on: March 7, 2015

Nothing can ruin a relaxing evening on your back deck or patio like an invasion of mosquitoes. Almost every region in the country has a population of these biting insects, creating a large industry of repellent products. There are natural ways to keep these pests away, though, without spending a fortune on chemical sprays and other products. Many plants repel mosquitoes, while adding beauty to your yard.

Mosquito Repelling Plants

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying; they can carry deadly diseases, putting your family at risk. Many plants emit oils or scents that discourage mosquitoes, naturally keeping them at bay without the use of chemicals. In fact, many commercial repellents use these plants extracts as part of their formula. Here are a few plant options that can help make your yard a mosquito-free zone:

  • Marigolds. Those cute, innocent-looking yellow, orange and red annuals are actually potent mosquito repellents. Put them in small planters on your patio tables and flower beds to help scare away biting insects.
  • Citronella. Many insect repellent sprays and candles use citronella, which is a tropical grass that can grow as high as six feet tall. Talk to your landscaper to find out if it can thrive in your yard as a natural bug deterrent.
  • Herb gardens. There are a few herbs which offer mosquito repellent benefits. Consider adding an herb garden near your patio with cat nip, rosemary and lemon thyme. Both cat nip and rosemary will deter mosquitoes in their plant form, while lemon thyme can be rubbed on the skin as a repellent.

There are many other plants and flowers that can be incorporated into your landscape design to both add beauty and repel mosquitoes. Talk to your landscape professional about what plants would work best for your region, then enjoy many summer nights on your mosquito-free patio!

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