Cut Down On Slope Maintenance With Wildflowers

Published on: August 1, 2014

If you have a hill or slope on the edge of your property, you know how hard these areas can be to maintain. Due to erosion and water runoff, it can be difficult to cultivate many plants in these inclined areas. One way to reduce the amount of weeding and landscaping needed on these areas is to incorporate wildflowers into your landscape design on these sloping areas. This can offer an inexpensive solution to cover the are and control erosion while providing a beautiful backdrop for your yard.

Choosing The Right Wildflowers For Your Slope

While there are many types of wildflowers available for planting, you will need to find the right mix for the position of your slope. Even wildflowers need certain elements to flourish, so choosing the right blend will be important. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Erosion – Since erosion is often an issue on slopes, you want to choose flowers which are known to have a strong root base. For steep slopes, ground cover flowers may be best, with roots that are aligned with the stem. Clumping plants also are resistant to erosion, like daisies.
  • Sunlight – You need to consider the amount of sunlight your slope is exposed to when choosing wildflower seeds. Catmint, creeping junipers and coneflowers are great for high-sunlight areas. For shady slopes, periwinkle or lily-of-the-valley may be better choices.
  • Region – Depending on the area where you live, there are wildflowers which may be more ideally suited to the soil and weather the plants will encounter. Talk to your landscape supply expert or your professional landscaper for suggestions on seeds that will do well in your region.

In most cases, a variety of wildflowers will be your best bet to cover your slope effectively. Make sure you invest in high-quality seeds from your local landscape supply store for the best results.

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