Roses and All Their Many Varieties

Published on: February 1, 2013

Roses are beautiful as cut flowers in vases. However, the cut flower variety is only a small portion of the many different types of roses available. Roses can grow on large bushes that can be over five feet tall. They can also grow in short bushes under three feet tall. They can have multiple layers of petals or just one layer. Although reds and pinks are the most common colors, roses come in a wide range of other colors as well.

Roses can be a great addition to any landscape design, but they do require proper care and maintenance to protect them cold and insects. They also require plenty of sun and water to keep them healthy and blooming. For the home gardener who likes a challenge, roses can be a great choice. Developing beautiful rose bushes of different varieties can be a great hobby that rewards you with blooms that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Certain types of taller rose bushes make beautiful hedges.

Roses, unfortunately, are loved by more than gardeners. There are several insects that love to feast on them and many larger animals, such as deer, enjoy their young buds as a snack. Protecting your blooming plants takes some education that relates to the climate and predatory concerns in your area.

Gathering information on the various varieties available and the care required for each is important before making a decision on what types of roses to include in your landscape and where. Consulting with your professional landscaper is your best option to make the right choice.

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