Planting Leftover Easter Lilies

Published on: March 14, 2013

Many holiday plants such as poinsettias and lilies are given as gifts and then are left to die and get thrown away with the trash. It is a sad waste of these beautiful plants that could have had long lives ahead of them. Easter lilies are seasonal flowers that can make a beautiful addition to your flower garden or yard and actually normally bloom in the summer. However, just popping them into the dirt after Easter will most likely kill the plant in most climates, so some preparation is needed.

When To Plant

Easter lilies need to be planted after the last frost is gone. Sometimes the shock from going from a houseplant to an outdoor environment that is still too cold can kill the plant. Until that time arrives, keep the plant indoors in an area with indirect sunlight and moderate temperature.

Where To Plant

Lilies do best in direct sunlight when growing outside. Choose an area that has excellent sunshine and in well-draining soil. Create a hole the same depth as the planter it came from and add fertilizer. The lily should bloom again in the summer, and then will likely become brown from the heat. The plant can then be cut down at the base and left to re-grow the next spring season.

Lilies can be a wonderful addition to your yard and garden. To incorporate them into a flowerbed, talk with a landscaper to find other flowers and plants that can be planted in similar soil and sunlight to add dimension when the lily goes dormant. These simple “gifts” can end up being the focal point of a beautiful flowerbed for years to come.

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