4 Great Ways to Landscape with Flowers

Published on: August 10, 2016

Plan and design a spectacular floral landscape to accentuate any home, by using the right steps and the right materials will create a stunning display.

It is possible to create a spectacular floral landscape that is so breathtaking that it receives admiration from passersby. Plan and design a floral landscape before planting flowers. There are several steps to plan and design your floral landscape. These include:

•            Choosing a design that suits the existing features of the landscape

•            Devising unique ideas that make for a diverse floral landscape collage

•            Considering growth and timing stages to ensure a lush landscape year round

How to Create Interesting Hanging Baskets

The tendency with hanging baskets is to hang them in predictable places. Look for unusual ways to hang floral baskets so that they grab attention. For example, purchase garden arbors in a variety of sizes and shapes and hang floral baskets in colorfully designed pots. Use Morning Glories and other vined flowers to create a cascade of colors flowing down from the pots.

Fanciful Sidewalk Borders That Multitask

When it comes to sidewalk borders, there is no end to the ways to make them floral works of art that multitask. Start by planting Grape Hyacinth and Bells of the Snow for the first sign of color. Next, plant strawberries that will have lovely white blooms and provide luscious fruit from mid-spring to early summer. After these are harvested, plant annuals like Asters, Lazy Susan, Pansies, Daisies and Baby’s Breath for a feathery sidewalk border. In late spring, plan for fall with Marigolds, Nasturtiums and for winter with flowering cabbage.

Floral Patio Pots

Patio pots are a great accent to add floral color. Choose a combination of Ivy, Clematis or other vine plants at the front of the pots, add taller flowers like Foxglove and finish with taller Lavender plants in the back.

Rock Gardens Are Fun

There is nothing as appealing as a rock garden. Choose geometric shape, add rocks, and then add rock garden flowers like Hens and Chicks, Living Stones, and cactus.

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