How Much Fertilizer Is Too Much?

Published on: August 9, 2018

You know your lawn and gardens need fertilizer to flourish. Soil becomes deleted of nutrients and need more added to benefit the plant life. Whether you just want a lush, green lawn or have gardens you want to nurture, fertilizing can help replenish lost minerals and help improve growth. But do you know how much fertilizer to add, what type you need or what frequency? Here is how to gauge the right fertilizing method to avoid doing too much.

Over-fertilizing can burn your plants and lawn, causing harm and even death to your beautiful plants. Overzealous DIY landscapers that want their landscaping to thrive may give their soil too much of a good thing. If you have added too much fertilizer, you may notice the plants begin to wilt or die. Some will actually look burnt – brown or black leaves that seem singed. If this happens, you need to react right away to save your plants.

The best way to remove excess fertilizer is to leach the soil with over-watering. This needs to be a sustained watering to flood the soil to remove excess fertilizer, without drowning your lawn or garden. To be effective, a constant sprinkler for a few hours every few days can help wash fertilizer to lower levels of the soil and away from plant roots.

To avoid over fertilizing, soil testing should be done before adding more. This will tell you what type of fertilizer you need and how much. Another option is to trust your fertilizing to a professional landscaper. They can test your soil and make your lawn and gardens are getting the right type and amount of fertilizer for the best results.

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