Thin or Weed-Infested Lawn? Bring Your Grass Back to Life

Published on: February 12, 2019

It is harder that it would seem to maintain a lush, green lawn. While grass seems to grow everywhere, so do the weeds that also like the same terrain. If your lawn is looking sparse, or there seems to be more dandelions and weeds than grass, there are ways to bring your lawn back to health. Here are a few options to make your lawn thick and lush again.

Weed Control

If you have too many weeds, they can be stealing all the nutrients and water from your grass. The first step in creating a thicker, healthier lawn is controlling the weeds. Using the right agents that attack weeds while preserving your grass can go a long way in helping restore a healthy lawn.

Overseeding and Fertilizing

Thin grass often needs more nutrients and more blades to make a thick lawn. Overseeding your lawn and adding the right fertilizer can give the nutrients the soil needs with new seeds to thicken the growth. With the weeds gone, the nutrients in the soil and new growth, your lawn can come back to life.

When All Else Fails…

When your grass refuses to come back to life or you want a quicker fix, consider new sod. You can have healthy sod laid that gives you a new base to nourish, making it quicker and easier to get the lush lawn you desire.

If you are tired of your thin or weed-infested lawn, contact your local landscaper for a grass evaluation. They can determine whether your lawn can be rejuvenated or if it is time to consider new sod to create the lush grass you desire.

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