Make Your Backyard Low Maintenance with Landscaping

Published on: September 11, 2018

A beautiful backyard doesn’t mean it needs to be high maintenance. While some people enjoy puttering around in their yard weeding, planting, mowing and doing other yard maintenance, others would prefer to spend their time enjoying the yard, not creating it. There are landscaping options that can keep maintenance chores to a minimum while still giving you a lovely outdoor space. Here are some tips to create a low-maintenance backyard through landscaping.

  • Rock gardens. A green and water-friendly option that is low maintenance is creating a rock garden. While these landscaped areas still incorporate plants, the main focal points are larger rocks. You can use plants like colorful moss and other ground covers that are simple to maintain.
  • Native plants surrounded by gravel. Stop weeding and trying to nurture plants that are not designed for your climate. Plant a few native shrubs or bushes that are surrounded by pea gravel. These plants will thrive in their natural habitat and the gravel stops many weeds from growing while keeping your yard looking neat.
  • Xeriscaping and grid planting. Similar to rock gardens, xeriscaping and grid planting use mulch or rock as ground cover with sporadic or uniform plantings of cacti and other low-water plants. This saves on water while creating a modern, eco-friendly yard that require little maintenance.

Your local landscaper can help you implement these low maintenance ideas into your backyard. Of course, another option is to hire a landscaper to do your maintenance for you. If you prefer a lush, colorful backyard, find an experienced landscaper to perform your lawn and garden upkeep so you can relax and enjoy your free time.

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