How To Control Those Pesky Weeds

Published on: March 14, 2013

It seems almost unfair that some plants get termed ‘weeds’ and are loathed among home gardeners and landscapers alike. In fact, determining that a plant is indeed a weed is very subjective. If you were cultivating dandelions for a salad, then it would no longer be deemed a weed. However, when it pops up unwanted in your otherwise luscious lawn, it is then a weed. Regardless of semantics, weeds can be invasive and hard to control, requiring the use of one or more methods to keep them at bay.

There are basically three main ways to control or kill weeds: mechanically, chemically or organically. The method of lawn weed control a person chooses will generally depend on the weed issue at hand and their own personal preferences.

–          Mechanically. The oldest method and one still used today is chopping or pulling the weed. Whether you pull each weed out by hand, use a hoe or use a weed eater, weeds can always be removed the old fashioned way.

–          Chemically. Herbicides are concocted to specifically target weeds and either kill them or prevent their growth. When using chemical means to get rid of weeds, it is important to determine the type of weed you are targeting.

–          Organically. Many people prefer to use organic methods to control weeds instead of chemical applications. Mulch and landscape fabric are often used to deprive weeds of needed sunlight. Also, there are natural substances that can be used such as alcohol, salt or vinegar.

Unfortunately, weeds have long outwitted their human enemies with their tenacious growth. However, with perseverance, even the toughest weeds can be controlled, at least temporarily. Head down to the landscape supply store and choose your weapons!

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