How Long Does It Take for Privacy Trees to Grow?

Published on: February 6, 2018

If you are considering adding privacy trees for a natural fence line or to block the view from your neighbors, it is important to know which trees to use. There are several species of trees that work well for privacy, but which ones to choose depends on how fast you want them to grow and the type of coverage you prefer. Here are a few types of privacy trees you can use and how quickly you can expect them to grow to give you the privacy you desire.

Deodar Cedar

A beautiful tree, with wide, sweeping branches, the deodar cedar can grow upward of 50-feet and 30-feet wide. It grows at a medium speed, a few feet a year. It does best in soils that are not too wet and tolerates drought well.

Green Giant

The Green Giant evergreen is another excellent choice for privacy. If you want tall, high-level privacy, the Green Giant can give you the coverage you need. The growth rate is about three feet per year, achieving heights of about 50-60 feet with up to 20-feet width.

Leyland Cypress

Another fast-growing tree for privacy is the Leyland cypress. With low branches, the Leyland cypress offers full coverage from the ground up, growing up to three feet per year. In ideal conditions, this tree can grow up to 40-feet tall for excellent screening for your property.

Any of these three trees grow well in areas in the southeast in the U.S., as well as in other regions. To determine the best tree for your property, talk to your local landscaper that offers privacy tree planting to get the right tree for your soil and expected growth rate.

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