The Importance of Pruning Backyard Trees

Published on: January 5, 2018

Your backyard trees add beauty, shade and value to your property. However, they do need maintenance and care to keep them healthy and remove potential hazards. Trimming and pruning your trees is one of the main tasks that can keep your trees in good shape. Here are some reasons to stay on top of pruning to care for your backyard trees.

Improve Growth

If you are trying to promote upward growth or denser branches, pruning your trees can help them grow faster. Removing lower branches on trees you want to grow taller allows more nutrients to the trunk versus feeding small lower branches. Trimming and pruning branches can help make them healthier and fuller for denser trees.

Remove Hazards

Dead or broken branches are a hazard on your property. Tall trees with hanging or dead limbs are a danger during a windy or heavy storm; they can easily fall and do damage or injury. Even smaller trees with weak or broken branches can have these limbs break loose and fly into structures in high winds. Removing these weak limbs will protect your home and family from damage and injury from falling branches.

Shape Your Trees

Pruning gives you a chance to shape and style your trees for a clean appearance. You can make dense privacy trees the shape you desire, as well as keep shrubs and hedges beautiful.

While pruning trees is important for many reasons, it is important to do it correctly. Pruning using the wrong technique or at the incorrect time of year can jeopardize the health of your trees. Talk to your local landscaper that offers tree pruning to discuss having them professionally prune your trees to get the best results.

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