Magnolia Trees

Published on: September 10, 2010

With over 80 species of Magnolia trees in the Eastern United States and Southeast Asia, the Southern Magnolia is the one most popular native trees in the Southeast US and is the state tree of Mississippi.

The Southern Magnolia is known for its beautifully fragrant large white flowers, its cone shape and its dense verdant leaf structure.   Another likable factor of the Magnolia tree is its resistance to pests.  It is not bothered by many insects and proper pruning and maintenance will usually take care of diseased branches, leaf spots, mildews or scabs.

The Magnolia tree provides a tremendous amount of shade.  Many times these trees are positioned in the landscape design to create a screen or border.  Plan carefully when choosing a space to plant your Magnolia tree. A mature tree can reach up to 60 to 80 feet high with very wide base.  The tree is relatively easy to grow and maintain.  It is drought resistant and as an evergreen, it does not loose its leaves in the winter so it is beautiful year round.

The Magnolia tree gives hardy shelter to birds and animals during cold winter months.  The seeds and surrounding aril of the magnolia provide a good source of fat and energy for migrating animals.  One unique feature of the Magnolia is that it is pollinated primarily by beetles not by typical birds, bees or butterflies!

The “Grand Dame of the South” has graced its’ admires with beauty, shade and inspiration for hundreds of years.  Many artists have painted these awesome trees and their beautiful flowers and many poems and stories have been written about their exquisite beauty.

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