5 Ways to Use Trees for Privacy

Published on: November 4, 2019

Fences and trellises are common barriers used to create privacy around homes, but there is another, natural options. Trees can offer a beautiful way to create private areas in your outdoor living spaces. Here are five ways to use trees as privacy screens for your home.

  1. In lieu of a fence. Privacy trees can be used instead of fence to block the view of neighbors and others outside your home. Over a few years, privacy trees can grow several feet in height and width, providing a solid green, natural fence.
  2. In addition to a fence. Building codes can enforce a lower fence height, but you can use trees to give you additional privacy. Planting trees near your fence line can add a higher privacy screen above the top of your fence.
  3. Sectioning a yard. You can create separate areas and sections in your yard with a line of hedges or privacy trees.
  4. Privacy for spas or pools. Strategically placed privacy trees or shrubs can give your hot tub or pool privacy, blocking views for a secluded experience.
  5. Block windows. You want windows to allow in light, but you may not want to allow people to see inside. Privacy trees can create barriers outside of windows to make it difficult for others to see inside your home or garage, but still letting in natural light.

Trees can offer some valuable benefits to your property, including helping with security, shade, privacy and improving curb appeal. Talk to your local landscaper to discuss different tree options to create the privacy screen you desire and for quick, professional installation.

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