Landscaping Tree Issues

Published on: May 14, 2012

Trees are an important part of most landscaping designs.  Well placed and properly cared for trees add beauty, shade, and other benefits to your landscaping.  However, trees can pose challenges to your landscape design or develop problems in established landscapes.  Your landscaping professional can help identify tree issues and can handle some tree problems, but for dealing large, diseased, or potentially hazardous trees, you are probably better off getting an Atlanta tree service involved.

A tree service staffed by certified arborists can work with your landscaper to resolve tree issues in your landscaping.  Some common tree issues encountered by Atlanta area homeowners include leaning trees, hazardous trees, diseased trees, and trees that don’t fit into the landscape design because they are too big or in an unfortunate location.

Leaning trees or hazardous trees should be evaluated by a certified arborist.  Very few landscaping professionals have the expertise to properly assess or manage hazardous or leaning trees.  A certified arborist will assess the extent of the hazard and recommend the best course of action from a list of options including bracing the tree, pruning it to reduce or eliminate the hazardous condition, or removal of the tree.

Certified arborists also have the skills necessary to diagnose and tree all types of diseases and insect infestations in trees.  In most cases, your arborist will be able to preserve the tree and return it to a healthy condition.

In some cases, an unfortunate location means that  a tree does not fit into the landscape design or has grown too large for an existing landscape.  An Atlanta tree service can help you and your landscaper sort through your options including relocation, pruning, redesign of the landscaping, or removal of the tree.

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