3 Great Options for Privacy Trees

Published on: January 5, 2018

Do you want to add trees for privacy in your yard? There are specific varieties of trees that are excellent options for privacy due to their density of foliage and fast growth potential. Often termed “privacy trees” these options can be perfect to create a natural fence or screen around your property. Here are three of the most popular options and what makes each unique.

Deodar Cedar

For a large, tall tree that gives ample screening for your home, the deodar cedar is an excellent choice. This cedar can grow up to 70 feet tall in a yard environment and up to 40 feet wide. With branches that start low and wide on the trunk with a pyramid shade, this tree can be a wonder choice for low and high privacy for your home.

Leyland Cypress

If you want a quick-growing privacy tree, the Leyland cypress should be on your radar. This evergreen can grow 3-5 feet per year, sprouting up to 60 feet high and 20-25 feet wide. The dense branches create a solid barrier between your property and your neighbors, offering a good amount of privacy. 

Green Giant

When planted about 5-6 feet apart, the green giant evergreen trees can build a beautiful wall around your home. While they do not grow as tall as the deodar cedar or Leyland cypress, they do grow fast and full. Plus, they are drought, disease and insect resistant, making them very low maintenance.

If you want to add beauty and privacy to your yard, consider planting privacy trees around your perimeter. Contact a local landscaper to determine which tree will thrive best in your yard and meet your needs.

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