Top Options in Privacy Trees

Published on: December 4, 2018

If you are looking for an option to gain privacy at your home without adding a fence or to block higher views, privacy trees are perfect. Adding trees around your home can provide shade and create a barrier between you and your neighbors or street. Privacy trees are varieties that offer a full, dense barrier year-round, creating a natural screen for privacy. They can last for decades and most require very little maintenance, making them a perfect option for those wanting a natural option for privacy.

While a beautiful maple or oak can offer shade and privacy during the summer, they lose their leaves and don’t give much screening during the winter. The best option for privacy are trees that have needles like most types of conifers. The varieties that grow quickly and have a thick base are often the most popular for privacy purposes, including these top options:

  • Cypress. There are many types of cypress that can offer a beautiful natural barrier around your yard. The most popular for screens is the Leyland cypress.
  • Evergreens. For tall options, evergreens make an excellent choice for privacy. Some can grow a few feet per year for a quicker coverage.
  • Cedars. While cedar does not grow as quickly as some other privacy trees, they do have a wide base for a natural fence around your yard.

To determine what type of privacy tree is best for your yard, region and needs, talk to your local landscaper that offers privacy tree installation. They can discuss the advantages of different types of trees to help you decide which trees will give you the results you desire.

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