Landscaping Lingo: Softscaping and Hardscaping

Published on: April 3, 2017

When you hire a landscaper, you may hear terms like softscaping and hardscaping options for your yard. Quality landscapers offer both options and blend them into your landscape design. But you need to know what they are referring to when they discuss improving your outdoor space. Here is the basics on softscaping and hardscaping. 


The live components in landscaping are referred to softscapes. Your flowers, shrubs, trees, your lawn – all that is part of the softscaping of your yard. Sculpting these plants into a beautiful design is an important part of landscaping. It takes a green thumb and an understanding of the different plants to put together a working softscape. But softscaping are not the only parts of creating a beautiful yard.


The constructed elements of your yard are the hardscapes. Your stone patio, the retaining walls, fire pits and water features are all hardscapes. These are the functional parts of your outdoor living space which require expertise to create and build. Working with stone, pavers, mortar, cement and other elements to create convenient structures are all part of hardscaping and landscape design.

Combining softscapes and hardscapes is what creates a balanced landscape design for your home. The living, natural plants add the soft beauty to the yard, while the constructed pieces create a useful outdoor living space. Focal points and furniture, all blended with function and nature for a private oasis at your home. It is what makes landscaping an art form.

If you are planning to hire a landscaper, you want a professional that offers both hardscaping and softscaping services. Both are important to create a lovely outdoor space at your home.

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