Keep your Backyard Safe with Tree Removal

Published on: October 30, 2018

Your backyard should be a safe haven for your family, but if you have dead, diseased or damaged trees, it could be dangerous. If a tree or even a large branch falls at the wrong time, it could seriously injure a family member or cause major damage to your home. It is important to be aware of the condition of the trees in your yard; prevention is the best way to keep your yard safe.

Inspect Your Trees

You should routinely inspect the trees in your yard to look for damage or disease, especially after a big storm. First, look for broken or loose limbs; big limbs that are hanging loose in a tree are called “widow makers” for a reason. They can fall at any time – they should be removed right away before they come down on their own. Secondly, look for leaning trees or any kind of major damage to the trunk. These trees may need to be removed if they have become weak.

Besides damage, you need to be aware of disease. This may not be as easy to spot as there are many different kinds of tree diseases. But if a tree is losing its bark, leaves or needles, it may be sick. You should have your trees inspected by an arborist to determine if your diseased trees can be treated or if they need to be removed. Some landscapers offer tree removal and Bobcat services to clear larger areas.

You can’t prevent all tree damage to your home or family – after all, accidents do happen. But keeping an eye on your trees and proactively removing those that pose a danger can help keep your backyard safe for your family.

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