Is Your Retaining Pond Ready For Winter?

Published on: October 12, 2014

All the wet winter weather can wreak havoc on your property if it’s without proper drainage. Retaining or retention ponds are a common solution used to drain excess storm water away from your home and expensive landscaping to protect your property.  With winter approaching, now is the time to inspect your retaining pond to ensure it’s ready to handle the heavy rain or snow which will soon be coming your way. 

Annual Retaining Pond Maintenance

Retaining or retention ponds are effective in diverting excess water to a safe drainage point; however, they do require maintenance to keep them working properly. This includes monthly maintenance, like removing debris from the water and checking outlets to ensure they are not obstructed. In addition, once a year there are a few other maintenance items which should be performed, especially before winter weather hits: 

  • Repair erosion. It is inevitable that some erosion will occur in a retaining pond. Inspect the banks and spillway for erosion, repairing where needed.
  • Inspect fixtures. All the components used in your retaining pond should be inspected at least once a year, including the pipes, catch basin and risers. Replace any that are damaged.
  • Check for leaks. Animal burrows and other issues can cause leaks in the dam walls. Fill in and repair any holes or leaks. 

Since maintenance on retaining ponds can be extensive, it is recommended that you hire a landscape contractor who is experienced in retaining pond maintenance. Hiring a professional can save you time while ensuring your retention pond is ready to handle the storm water headed its way this winter.

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