Is Your Lawn Thirsty?

Published on: August 1, 2014

Keeping up with your lawn’s watering demands can be a challenge during the hottest months of the summer season. It only takes a day or two of neglect before you can begin to see yellow patches forming in your previously green lawn. The best way to ensure your grass and plants are getting the moisture they need is to install an automatic sprinkler irrigation system. This can ensure that your lawn gets the water it needs to stay green and healthy, even in the dog days of summer.

Three Reasons To Install Sprinklers For Your Lawn

Unless you can afford to hire a full-time gardener, a good irrigation system is the only way to ensure your lawn is getting the water it needs, even when you aren’t home. While there are many reasons to install a sprinkler system at your home, here are three of the most beneficial reasons.

  • Convenience –  Having an automatic sprinkler system gives your lawn the water it needs, when it needs it, without you needing to do anything. On those hot days, sit back and relax while the sprinkler takes care of your yard’s moisture needs. It is also perfect for when you are away from home and cannot water your plants yourself.
  • Efficiency – It’s just as easy to over-water your lawn as to get too little water on your yard, and over-watering wastes resources while negatively affecting the health of your lawn. Sprinkler systems can be designed to provide even coverage of moisture at the right time of day, which means they can use less water more efficiently than trying to water the lawn manually.
  • Beauty – A well-maintained lawn can add beauty and even value to your home. Having an irrigation system in place can help create a beautiful lawn which will add to the curb appeal of your home.

If you are ready to put away your hose and install a professional sprinkler system, call your local landscaping company. They can discuss with you the systems which will work best for your needs, keeping your lawn green and healthy!

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