Common Causes of Trouble With Your Home Irrigation System Lines

Published on: February 10, 2014

Installing a sprinkler irrigation system ensures your yard receives quality irrigation for several years.

However, if your irrigation system is having problems, then it might be due to several common issues that plague home irrigation lines. While it’s almost always best to contact a professional landscaper, you might find it helpful to first pinpoint the source of the problem.

Here is a list of three of the most common root causes of trouble with home irrigation lines.

Cause #1 – Compacted Soil

Home irrigation systems can be damaged by compacted soil over a period of years. Foot or vehicle traffic can easily compact or condense your soil. And, once condensed, the soil places added pressure on the irrigation lines buried under the surface. Upgrading to more durable irrigation lines is one consideration to resolve the issue of compacted soil related problems.

Cause #2 – Internal Clogs

Internal blockages can clog or compromise home irrigation lines. And, once your lines become seriously clogged, there is always the risk that they might burst. Installation of a water filtration system is often recommended to prevent blockages in irrigation lines. The filtration of irrigation water helps prevent the collection of sediment and clogs.

Cause #3 – Yard Pests

Irrigation systems can be damaged by yard pests, including gophers and a variety of other underground rodents. Such rodents chew all the way through irrigation lines, resulting in burst or leaking irrigation lines. Yard pest control is typically the remedy and will ensure your irrigation system remains in excellent condition.

For more help in pinpointing and repairing your home irrigation system, contact a professional landscaper or sprinkler and irrigation system company.

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