Increasing Curb Appeal With Pavers

Published on: December 17, 2013

If you’re planning to list your home or simply considering an outdoor remodeling project to boost curb appeal and resale value in the future, you know how important landscaping is to the overall appearance of your home. What you may not realize is that springing for interlocking, permeable pavers can also have a dramatic impact on your curb appeal. When you opt for pavers over poured concrete or asphalt, you’ll be able to prevent cracking, crumbling and other unsightly disrepair.

Few things make the exterior of a home look as weathered as cracked concrete driveways and shabby sidewalks. Even if the rest of your home’s exterior is in beautiful condition, a weathered driveway and damaged paving surfaces can reduce its visual impact. Poured concrete and asphalt will start to crack and crumble over time, as the soil underneath shifts naturally. Interlocking pavers are designed to prevent cracking, and individual pavers can be replaced if dramatic heaving occurs. Upgrading your surfaces to include interlocking pavers eliminates the risk of your surfaces degrading over time due to soil erosion and shifting.

Resurfacing your driveway and sidewalk with interlocking pavers elevates the appearance of your landscaping design and property. Because paver driveways and walkays are so durable, they’re also a long-lasting solution. Instead of patching cracked pathways and driveways, you can simply enjoy your patios and paths for years to come.

Working with a professional paving contractor to rework your paved areas with interlocking pavers makes a very real impact on the overall visual appeal of your property. Contact a paving professional in your area today to discuss methods of boosting your home’s curb appeal with permeable paver surfaces.

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