Increase Both Beauty and Safety with Landscape Lighting

Published on: October 11, 2012

Investing in landscape lighting can offer property owner’s dual benefits. Lighting along walkways, patios and driveways can help prevent falls and injuries that can occur in poorly lit areas. In addition to preventing injury to individuals, shrubs and plants are also protected from unintentional damage from missteps in the dark.

Well-lit property can also be a strong deterrent to intruders, since their presence could be more easily detected. Motion activated lighting can be especially effective for this purpose.

In addition to the safety that can be afforded by outdoor landscape lighting, one of the preferred applications for landscape lighting is for its aesthetic appeal. Directed lighting can highlight special features in your landscape design. Water features are the most popular areas to apply landscape lighting. Lights around a fountain, behind a waterfall or lighting up a koi pond can make an amazing feature even more beautiful. Low landscape lighting placed strategically around a patio or deck perimeter can also create an inviting ambiance when entertaining guests at your home.

Landscape lighting isn’t limited to residential uses. Adding landscape lighting to commercial landscape features can also provide an inviting atmosphere for a business setting.  Even for businesses which do not offer evening business hours, the soft glow of landscape lighting among shrubbery or highlighting a water feature can further enhance the branding of a company which is design orientated or desires to communicate a message of sophistication.  The security factor also comes into play for commercial applications as well.

Landscape lighting is a small investment that provides a big payoff in multiple ways.

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