Light Up Your Yard For Winter

Published on: October 28, 2014

With the days becoming shorter and shorter, now is a good time to consider adding extra outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights can be used to illuminate sidewalks and entrances, offering safety and security. Plus, lights can add a beautiful glow outside your home during those long winter nights. Before it gets any colder, now is the time to install your new outdoor lighting.

Choosing Your Outdoor Lights

There are several different types of lights to choose from, depending on how much light you need, where they will be installed and the size of your budget. There are also choices regarding the energy source, with outdoor lights coming in solar, battery-operated, hardwired and plug-in varieties. First, decide what type of light you need.

  • Accent lights. Small accent lights which add a glow to highlight your landscaping offer little in the way of safety or security, but can brighten your yard and have a beautiful effect.
  • Path lights. Adding lights on either side of pathways or sidewalks is important for safety; choose from low, ground-level lights or larger standing fixtures, both of which can be installed along your walkways.
  • Security lights. To add bright light for safety and security around your home, flood lights are the most common option. Many of these can be set on a timer or switch, while others are light or motion sensitive.

To get the most out of your lighting, talk to your local landscaper about ways to incorporate lighting into your outdoor areas. They can offer suggestions and install your lighting for you, ensuring that your outdoor lights will add safety, security and beauty to your outdoor areas.

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