Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Published on: December 30, 2016

Outdoor lighting is necessary for safety and security around your home, but it does not need to be boring. There are so many options for lighting up your outdoor living space. From colored lights around your pool to spot lights to enhance landscaping features, you can brighten your yard while adding to the beauty of your home. Here are some lighting ideas to make the most of all your property, even in the dark of night.

  • Create a dramatic effect with multiple light levels. There are so many options when it comes to lighting your yard. Combine ground lights with down-lighting and everything in between to illuminate with flare.
  • Highlight your focal points. Lights directed up the trunk of a tree or spot lights on your water feature can make the most of your landscape design. Light up your focal features in your outdoor area so they can be enjoyed at night as well as during the day.
  • Safety and beauty combined. Your walkways need to be illuminated for safety, but this is also an aesthetic opportunity. Classic light posts for your front walkways and well lighting bordering your backyard paths are beautiful and functional.
  • Mood lighting. Modern outdoor lighting comes with many options. Talk to your outdoor lighting installer about dimming and automatic options for your lights. Create a soft light for romantic evenings or brightness for family gatherings.

Don’t settle for boring patio flood lights for your outdoor area. Talk to your local landscape company that offers aesthetic lighting options to give your home a beautiful glow at night. You may be surprised at what can be achieved with a few strategically placed lights for an enhanced outdoor living space.

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