Consider Illuminating Your Landscaping

Published on: April 10, 2013

Everyone knows that lighting creates an atmosphere, or mood. Finding just the right restaurant, with just the right ambience, is often a priority for celebrating those “special” events. Want to find the party? Look for the house with all the lights!  Holidays are usually literally ushered in by festivals of lights. Some continue a holiday tradition of driving around neighborhoods to look at the lighted decorations of others’ homes. Most Americans flock several times a year to overcrowded venues to see fireworks displays. We love light!

Just as lighting can enhance the beauty of your home, so can it transform your landscape into a stunning display of moods, colors and textures. Light plays off of various diverse elements (wood, rock, or leaves) in such a way as to illuminate their beauty, contrast, and versatility.  Today’s market carries a lot of creative choices. You can light up your garden property in a soft and subtle manner, or choose more glamorous specialty lighting. You can play up shadows, making your space more theatrical or mysterious. Your outdoor decking or entertaining space can have decorative mini-spots or low-level lights. Accentuate your favorite areas, add underwater lighting for your water feature, or directional spot lights for cooking.  And, don’t forget to use “color”, to create just the perfect effect.

Of course, the introduction of safe, low-voltage outdoor lighting in the form of energy efficient LEDs in combination with solar-powered units has created a practically unlimited and unprecedented supply of lighting options. All of these choices can be easily narrowed down to your desired preferences with the help of your local landscape professional, in conjunction, perhaps, with your electrical contractor. With their technical help, you can enjoy the creative aspect of designing your personal outdoor home entertainment space.


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