Give New Life To Potted Easter Lilies

Published on: June 4, 2014

After the Easter holiday, many people are left with the potted Easter lilies they used for decoration or received as gifts. These beautiful flowers are often only enjoyed for a week or two before they end up tossed away once the bloom is gone. This year, why not give your Easter lilies new life by planting them outside in your yard or garden where they can bring joy for years to come? With a little preparation, they can be a wonderful addition to your landscape design.

Preparing To Plant Lilies

Lilies, especially those that started life as a potted plant, need to be carefully replanted to avoid shocking their delicate systems. You will want to keep the plant indoors until the last frost has passed, as they require a warmer climate to flourish. Store them in a warm area with indirect light until it is safe to plant outdoors.

Once the weather is warm enough to plant, find a spot in your landscaping that has direct sunlight and soil that drains well. Talk to your professional landscaper about what areas in your yard or garden would be best to plant lilies if you are not sure. These flowers generally bloom in the summer, so if you get your lilies in the ground during the spring, you should have another bloom to enjoy during the summer.

After the summer bloom, your lily will become brown and go dormant. This is a good reason to plant other flowers in the same area that will bring color through the rest of the summer and fall. Talk to your landscaper about other flowering plants that can accent your lilies that also need direct sun and the same soil type.

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