Creating a Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Published on: March 7, 2015

Although many insects are bothersome, especially when they invade your yard, most homeowners will welcome butterflies. Like flying flowers, they bring color and grace to your property, so much so that many people have created gardens to attract these creatures. If you love watching butterflies flitting around your yard, invite them to visit by adding a beautiful butterfly garden this year.

What You Need for a Butterfly Garden

Although some butterflies may wander into your yard, the best way to bring in plenty of these bright insects is to make a place for them to flourish. You can do this by adding certain elements to your yard or creating an area dedicated to becoming a butterfly garden.

  • Nectar sources. Butterflies are looking for nectar, which they obtain from flowers. Adding a variety of flowers of different sizes will bring in all shapes, sizes and colors of butterflies to feed in your yard.
  • Water features. Add a fountain or water feature as the focal point of your butterfly garden. Butterflies are attracted to water, needing it to regulate their temperature and to hydrate.
  • Shade. Butterflies love the sun, but they also need shade and protection. Add bushes, shrubs and small trees to give these fluttering insects somewhere to hide and procreate with larva.

Your butterfly garden should contain plants and flowers which bloom at different times during the season, keeping the butterflies coming back all through the summer. Talk to your local landscaper to determine the best plants to use to sustain your butterfly friends all summer long. They can help you integrate these plants and water features into your landscape design, to create a welcoming place for butterflies to visit.

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