Five Surprising Reasons to Maintain a Lush, Green Lawn

Published on: March 7, 2015

There’s no doubt a full, green lawn is beautiful, but did you know that lawns offer a host of other benefits beyond aesthetic value? Just like any plant, grass can actually improve the environment, both in the air and soil. Here are five surprising reasons why having a green lawn can be beneficial:

  1. Filtering pollutants. The root system of a thick lawn helps filter pollutants present in the environment, containing and breaking many of them down before they enter the ground water below.
  2. Cooling effect. A full, green lawn can actually have a cooling effect for your home and yard, making your home more comfortable during those hot summer months.
  3. Improving air quality. A thick, green lawn uses excess carbon dioxide to grow and then release the oxygen we need back into the air. A lush lawn can reduce dust by trapping dirt within its roots and blades.
  4. Tranquility. Having a soft, plush lawn is more than just visibly appealing; for many, walking, sitting or lying on a bed of grass can offer tranquility. Reduce your stress and let yourself enjoy the feeling of a lush lawn.
  5. Home value. A beautiful lawn is one of the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, adding to the value of your home. First impressions are important, and a vibrant, green lawn is one of the best ways to impress buyers.

Having a lovely lawn offers many benefits, and is well worth the investment. The best way to cultivate a perfect lawn is to hire a landscaping professional who can properly pamper your lawn, while you enjoy the benefits.

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