Now Is the Time to Hire Your Year-Round Landscaper

Published on: March 13, 2016

When the winter months hit, most people are concentrating on what is going on indoors rather than outside their home. There are holidays to celebrate and cold nights to sit around by the fire. But your landscaping still needs your attention and now is the perfect time to find the right landscaper to ensure you have a beautiful yard come spring and summer. 

What to Look for in a Landscaping Company

There are plenty of landscaping companies to choose from, but you want the right one to suit your needs. Winter is a great time to interview different landscaping companies to ensure you hire the one that will be best for you. During the spring and summer, it can be hard to get a busy landscaper on the phone. But in the slower season, you have a chance to ask the questions you need to find the right one. Here is what to look for and some questions to ask potential landscape companies:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have references from other happy clients?
  • Do you offer year-round affordable lawn maintenance packages?
  • Are you experienced in building hardscapes, decks and fencing?
  • Do you install and repair sprinkler systems?
  • Do you offer drainage solutions?
  • Are you experienced in landscape and patio design?

You want a landscaper that can not only do the landscaping needs you have now, but also anything that you may need in the future. A full-service landscaper should be able to cost-effectively maintain your lawn year-round, plus offer you assistance when you are ready to add a new fence, water feature or other major outdoor hardscape. Shop around this winter and find the right local landscape contractor for the rest of the year.

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