Do You Need to Hire a Professional For Sprinkler System Repairs?

Published on: February 28, 2012

Spring is on the way, and the time to plan for sprinkler system repairs is now. Your lawn and gardens depend on your irrigation system working properly. Ignoring faulty sprinklers and broken or leaky pipes can result in delayed growth and an unattractive yard. But do you need to hire a professional for this service or is it something you can handle yourself?

Sprinkler systems are very complex, and for the most part remain hidden below ground. Leaks in the system will result in erosion that can wash away valuable topsoil, plants and landscaping. Your lawn may also develop sink holes which can be dangerous to children and pets.

Having a professional handle your irrigation system installation and repair prevents these problems and provides you with peace of mind all year long. When your system has been damaged due to a lack of maintenance or through an accident, tackling it yourself can lead to even bigger problems.

Your landscaping professional knows exactly how your system works and can locate and fix the problem quickly and affordably. They have the tools and experience needed when damage has occurred or regular sprinkler maintenance has been neglected.

When choosing a landscaper for your irrigation installation or repair, look for a company that has trained employees and a solid reputation for customer service. Ask whether or not they offer a maintenance package, which often includes winterization and a spring start-up service. These steps go a long way in preventing future problems and allow you to rest easy, knowing your irrigation sprinkler system can do its job.

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